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If you've never had a VIN Verification conducted on your vehicle before, this video will explain how a VIN Verification works and what the verifier will be looking for when he/she visit your location.
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Our Story

Going to the DMV to have a VIN Verification done, can be very time consuming not to mention inconvenient.  Picture this, DMV says you have to have your car verified. The problem – the car is not running. Now you have to rent a trailer and take it down to the DMV and wait in line to have the verification completed. Over the long Labor Day weekend, you purchased a 5th wheel trailer which has out-of-state plates. Because of the out-of-state plates, you’ll need a VIN Verification done. Now imagine having to break down the trailer to take it to the DMV.

This is where we come in. Our VIN Verifiers, which are licensed by the DMV and bonded, come to your home, office or location of choice. We have all the required forms. Each of our verifiers come with their own genuine smile and customer service minded personality. Just think, no more trailering the vehicles to DMV or waiting in line to talk with a DMV representative who is already tired and overworked.

Accurate Reporting

Your application with the DMV is crucial to receiving the title. That’s why it’s important that all information contained in the application is correct. The verification most be error free. We check your verification for errors to make sure you can get your title without delay.

Mobile Services

Trying to trailer a vehicle to the DMV that’s been inoperable for awhile can be very tasking. That’s why we come to your home or office making it convenient for you.


Out of State Verifications

If you’re moving to California, you’ll need to register your vehicle within 20 days. This process requires a VIN Verification.

Odometer Verification

Often times, your odometer may conflict with DMV records. To correct this information, DMV requires a VIN Verification

VIN Discrepancy

Unfortunately, DMV clerks enter VIN numbers in error. To correct this discrepancy, a VIN Verification is required.

Vehicles With No Records

If your vehicle is no longer on record with the DMV database, a VIN Verification is required.


Deciding on a VIN Verification company is crucial to your car titling needs. Our VIN Verifiers are trained to be efficient and knowledgeable with DMV verification laws preventing delays with the issuance of your title .

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What’s A VIN Verification?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires a VIN Verification for various occassions. A VIN Verification is used to verify information that is not reflected or conflicts with the department’s records. A licensed VIN Verifier is licensed and bonded to verify the information and provide the original document to the client who then submits the verification to DMV to complete their application.

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NOTE:  Hours of Operation for Verifications are based on customers needs.


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