VIN Verification Services

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VIN Verification Services

All In One VIN Verifications provide relevant and crucial information necessary to complete your application and receive your title with the California DMV. Our VIN verifiers make it convenient for you by coming to your home, office or location of choice thus preventing you from the hassel and aggravation associated with trailering a vehicle to the DMV. 

Unavailable Services 

We do not provide VIN verifications for motorcycles without records, or Salvage vehicles. 


Vehicles with year models 1970 and newer, are required to have a US Federal Label. If the Federal label is missing, the vehicle must be inspected by the California Highway Patrol. To determine if your vehicle has a Federal label, please check the door jam of the driver’s side door. 



Out of State  – If you’re planning on moving to California and you are registering your vehicle for the first time, DMV requires a VIN Verification completed. 

VIN Discrepancy – When your VIN number does not match the VIN number entered into the DMV system, DMV requires a VIN verification to confirm the correct VIN. 

Mileage Discrepancy – For vehicles 9 years old and newer, DMV records the mileage into their system. If your presenting a vehicle to them with different mileage other than what is recorded,  DMV will require a VIN verification to resolve the discrepancy. 

Vehicles with No Record – Some vehicles may not have a record with the DMV system. If you have been told your vehicle is not in the DMV system, a new record will be entered. In order for the new record to be established, you will need a VIN Verification completed. 

Body Type Model Change – A Body Type Model (BTM) is referred to as the type of vehicle you have such as a 4 door (4D) or Sedan (2D for 2 door sedan). If your planning on changing the BTM such as from a pickup (PK) to a permanently mounted pickup (PM), then DMV will require a VIN verification.